Treton Inc

A family company based on customer service providing professional experience

Throughout the past 30 years, Pat Covell (President) has serviced many established businesses including: AT&T, SBC, Verizon, Quest, AEP, FiberTech, Level 3, Columbia Gas, Conrail, City Departments of Water and Sewer, Northeast Ohio Gas, Time Warner, among other additional long distance and local communications and engineering firms.

Pat has worked his way up from a common laborer to managing, and eventually venturing on his own along with his wife, Pam, and establishing Treton Inc. in September, 2006.

Today, Treton Inc. works closely with the community, small businesses, and major contracts such as AT&T and Sprint.

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Treton Inc. PO Box 337 Amanda, OH 43102 Office: (740) 969-9230 Fax: (740) 969-9238